Doctoral Researcher´s Seminar hosted by Clara Froidevaux (A03) and Markus Lorke (X03)

Impressions of the Doctoral Researchers' Seminar (Image: S. Kuth)
Impressions of the Doctoral Researchers' Seminar (Image: S. Kuth)

On June 11, the EBM projects X03 and A03 showcased their research during an engaging seminar attended by (post)doctoral researchers and interested guests. Markus Lorke kicked off the event with a captivating presentation, sharing his latest findings and collaborative efforts with various research groups. His talk provided an in-depth introduction to hydrogels used to engineer brain tissue-like matrices, sparking a lively discussion.

After a productive coffee break, Clara Froidevaux took the stage to present her work on brain organoids, focusing on creating artificial substrates. She offered an insightful overview of her research methods and outlined her future experimental plans, which might interest collaborative research groups.

The seminar concluded with an animated discussion session, where attendees exchanged ideas and delved deeper into the shared results and future research directions.

Clara Froidevaux, A03