Exploring Brain Mechanics

The central nervous system (CNS) is our most complex organ system. Despite tremendous progress in our understanding of the biochemical, electrical, and genetic regulation of CNS functioning and malfunctioning, many fundamental processes and diseases are still not fully understood. Only recently, groups of several PLs in this consortium, and a few other groups worldwide, have discovered an important contribution of mechanical signals to regulating CNS cell function. The CRC 1540 ‘Exploring Brain Mechanics’ will synergise the expertise of engineers, physicists, biologists, medical researchers, and clinicians in Erlangen and Berlin to exploit mechanics-based approaches to advance our understanding of CNS function and, as a long-term vision, to provide the foundation for future improvement of diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders.


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As part of the graduate program, the EBM researchers had the opportunity to gain hands on experience on the autopsy of the human brain. The workshop was hosted by the department of neuropathology of the university hospitals Erlangen and consisted of two parts, the first one being an online introduct...